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Penis enlargement in india

Changing the size of your penis will surely change your life. For most men a well developed penis is a huge self image booster and provides a feeling of self awareness and confidence that transmits itself to the female sex. The truth about penis enlargement pills is that they can effectively increase the size of your penis if used properly. Penis pills are extremely popular as the simplest treatment to increase penis size as well as enhancing the libido, hardness of erection and orgasm control. These natural penis pills are so effective that they can, if used properly, lengthen the normal penis by 1 inch and thicken it by 20% more. It goes far to benefit you with stronger and harder erections.

How IH3 & IH4 make my penis bigger?

Penis enlargement doctor

Your penis consists of two paired chambers at the top called Corpora Cavernosa, and one smaller chamber at the bottom, called Corpus Spongiosum. The bottom chamber is used when you urinate or ejaculate, but it is the Corpora Cavernosa that is the force behind the erection and is the key to penis enlargement. It is the main blood holding chamber of the penis where 90% of all blood is stored creating the hardness of the erection. The only way to penis enlargement is to improve and increase the diameter of the blood-holding spaces inside the Corpora Cavernosa. It has been recently discovered that Corpora Cavernosa’s tissue reacts powerfully to herbs.

The right blend and amount of herbal supplements in IH3 & IH4 contributes to penis enlargement by expanding the capacity of blood-holding cells therefore creating better blood circulation to genitals, IH3 & IH4 also expands the blood vessels to let blood flow adequately to the penis that makes it bigger and healthier.penis enlargement in india

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Penis enlargement formula

Ingredients of IH3:

1. Asgandh  Winter Cherry
2. Satawar Asparaqus
3. Beheman surkh Salivahaemotodes
4. Beheman safeed Salivahaemotodes
5. Aqar qarah Pelittory Root Pyrethrum
6. Singhara Gprus Taberosus Medows
7. Kaunch Spaisinosha
8. Musli safeed Murcannnia Seapiflora
9. Tukhme Tamar Hindi Tramina
10. Beejband Sida Sardif Seeds
11. Taalmakhhana Steecanthe
12 Zeera Safeed Carum
13. Tudri Surkh Wall Flovar
14. Aspand Senko Pignum
15. Saras Black Paper
16. Filfil siyah Black Peper
17. Kalunji Black Cumin
18. Mallkangni Staff Tree
19. Daar cheeni Cinnamomum Zeyanicum Blume
20. Barhami Bacopa Monnieri

Ingredients of IH3:

1. Raugan Till Gingeli Ceeds Oil
2. Raugan Raai  Musteared Oil
3. Raugan kharateen Earthworm Oil
4. Raugan baize-e-murg Egg Oil
5. Raugan Malkangni Staff Tree Oil
6. Raugan Laung Eugenta Cory Ophyllata Oil
7. Raugan Daarcheeni Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Oil

Features & Benefits of IH3 & IH4

While using IH3 & IH4 you will experience 3 major changes in your sex life!
– Bigger & Firmer Penis Size
– Harder, longer lasting erection.
– Increased sex drive & confidence

  • Unlike other clones, IH3 & IH4 are made from only high-end ingredients available to bring you the best possible results.
  • Another main reason why customers trust iHerbal is because of an easy and fair billing practice. While some other companies will take your credit card and continue charging you month after month, We offer Cash on Delivery
  • These days you have to be careful who you give out your personal information to. We follow our privacy very strictly and in many years of being on the market we have never compromised your private information to any other third-party or company.

Order ih3 for penis enlargement

Only Rs. 1500 a month

Penis enlargement doctor

How to useIH3 & IH4?

You have to take just 3 capsules a day, 1 in morning after breakfast % 2 at night after dinner with water.

Massage with IH4 oil at night while you are going to sleep, & wash in the morning.

Penis enlargement in india

When i will see the result?
In 20 days you will start seeing basic result.
Are the result permanent?
Yes once you will get result it will remain permanent.
How much can i expect?
You can get 1cm to 1.5 inch

We only say & claim truth, We do not lie more than 1.5 inch is not possible with any medicine many companies that claim 3 or 4 inches are fraud.
Do you offer Cash On
Yes! we offer Cash On Delivery in India

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